How to Play with

artisan play dough

Introducing artisan play dough…

Play dough! What could be more fun!? The dough contains flour, salt, water, Shea butter/cocoa butter and essential oils/aromatics. So as well as being fun, they smell great and they’re good for you!

Watch the video to learn how to play!


Take your box with you!

Don’t forget you can recharge the box with more dough. Go back to where you bought it to ask!

Next steps…


YouTube generally seems to think play/salt dough is for children. Madness! Here’s some inspiration for all of us…

Other useful kit

Here’s some recommended kit if you’d like to carry on playing…


Friendly glitter to mix with your dough.


Once it’s dry, salt dough is great for painting. Use this stuff!


Cool stamps to make imprints in the dough.


I’m currently looking for recommendations for ceramics courses to appear on this guide. If you know a good one, please let me know by email,