Act 4: Creativity at your fingertips

Tree Painting.png

I’m on a creative journey and, this year, I’ve challenged myself to 100 Acts of Creativity

It’s been a busy week already so it seemed like a good moment for crafting on the go.  This week I’m going to take a brief detour away from getting the paints out, to use TECHNOLOGY!  I’m in two minds about this.  I really believe that there is nothing quite like getting some physical materials out, paint, brushes, clay, getting your hands dirty.  But for many of us, that can seem difficult.  We might have most of our free time on a train or at least outside the house.  Or just might not have anything arty to hand.  So, today’s creation has been created purely with the use of a phone and a free app (Autodesk SketchBook).

Here it is, my first attempt.  I found myself in a cafe with half an hour on my hands between meetings and got completely carried away.  When I looked up everyone had left! 

Sketching on a phone is not a new idea.  David Hockney began using his iPhone to paint incredible landscapes in the late 2000s and clearly enjoyed the medium so much he was able to fill a huge exhibition at the Royal Academy in London in 2012.  It’s really worth checking out the link to the exhibition to have a look at these big, bold pieces.  They are truly inspiring.  So inspiring in fact that I had these images in mind whilst making my first few marks with SketchBook.

I love how immersive an experience it was using this app. Although the mindful message is usually to put down our phones, it was possible to focus on sketching and not be distracted by emails, messages etc.  For the best experience it might be best to put your device in flight mode, so it becomes a tool for making rather than everything else.  I was surprised how good this was for experimenting with colours and textures.  It was pretty easy to navigate around and, if anything, where I got it wrong, it only added to the sense of fun and play.  On top of everything, as the art is on your phone already, it’s so easy to share.  So you can show off and be proud of your work.  Although it might seem self-centred, the sharing part is actually key to driving your creativity and is strongly advocated by creativity project 64 Million artists.

Using your phone as a tool for art is definitely something we can all do so I’d love to see how you all get on.  Post on Instagram @makespacetocreate.


Downloaded the SketchBook app.  Go


About 20 minutes all in all.