Act 6: Inspiration or...?

Line landscape.jpg

I’m on a creative journey and, this year, I’ve challenged myself to 100 Acts of Creativity

So far I’ve tried and failed to rip off and David Hockney and Damien Hirst.  Or was it pay homage?  Some artists are just so iconic that you can’t shake them from your mind!  Or is it just that it’s natural when we start off to paint coloured dots and trees? Hmm.  Mark Twain said “there are no new ideas” so am I committing nothing more than acts of imaginative infringement? I’d like to think, at least, I’m bringing my own perspective, that of a complete lack of skill! Anyhow, I’m at it again, the creative thievery that is, and this time on purpose. 

Recently, I ventured to London.  I ended up at the wonderful, and often FREE, London Mall Galleries.  I’ve been a few times and it’s always full of good stuff!  It’s also got this wonderful quality of being hidden in plain sight, under the arches near some of London’s biggest tourist traps.  There was a piece by Dan Davidson who I have never heard of.  I really love how he paints light.  It’s such a key part of most of his paintings, something that I can only dream of emulating at some point.  But to be honest I was most struck by one of his more abstract paintings using Cryla (yep, never heard of that either!).  It appealed to me because of the bright colours and straight lines.  Eureka!  An idea I can steal!  I couldn’t wait to get home to make something again!

And here it is! To me, it looks like a deconstructed landscape. When I made it, I didn’t really have a goal in mind for what I was trying to produce, only the rough effect I was going for. I was just following a few self imposed rules about how to draw the lines, which colours to use etc. I like how the blue pencil lines look a bit fainter than the others. Totally by mistake as the blue pencil was just sharper than the others. All part of the joy of learning how the materials work. Just pencils and a knife today really. Nice to get back to being hands on after last week’s techy phase but I actually miss the paint a bit.

This is only my 6th post and this little challenge is already having an effect on me. I’m starting to miss it when I’m not making something. I’m definitely conscious that I need to make time in my life for it now, which can only be a good thing! This sort of tangible but unbounded creativity is starting to become habit.  In his TED talk, Matt Cutts talks about 30 days being the perfect amount of time to form a new habit. Especially if you just do a small thing regularly. Well I’ve not been doing this for a full 30 days but I already feel like this is going to have to be something I carry on with for a long time! For Matt, he wrote a novel in 30 days so he can go around telling people “I’m a novelist!”. Well, here goes, is it too early for this?

“I’m an artist!”

If you’d like to try to make creativity a habit, why not start with one of our events.


Line landscape Kit.jpg


A little bit longer that usual but well within 30 minutes! A few more layers in this one with the cutting and sticking.