Act 7: Unboxing Creativity

Alcohol Ink.jpg

I’m on a creative journey and, this year, I’ve challenged myself to 100 Acts of Creativity

I have started to make up some Creative Craft Boxes for our events so for this week’s act of creativity I’ve put them to the test and had a play with them myself. This box is all about using Alcohol Inks, a medium I’d never heard of until I met my friend Kate. You can check out her wonderful work here. I was struck by the vivid colours in her paintings and the unusual organic shapes created by the inks. When I hear about a new thing I just want to share it with everyone. That’s why I’m putting together these boxes so you can learn the first thing about how to paint with inks and get as excited about them as I am.

Alcohol inks are both magical and mischievous. Most other paint behaves itself. When you put it on the canvas it tends to stay pretty still, but these cheeky little inks just want to do their own thing. They spread, they mix, they push each other out the way. Who knows what they’re going to do next! And, oh yeah, they’re alcohol based, so you can set them on fire! The key for a beginner is just to experiment and be open and accepting of what you get back. If you just sit back and watch the painting unfold then you’ll get some pretty cool effects. If you fight it, then you’ll end up pretty frustrated. That makes these inks perfect for stimulating creativity and getting some headspace too.

I had so much fun with this kit! I could have kept changing and retouching the image for hours. Alcohol ink needs a non-porous surface so I’ve used tiles. They are great because you can then use them as coasters or just frame them and gaze at your artwork all day. The kit includes three tiles but this one was my favourite. A friend of mine said it looks like a load of happy jumping turtles. I think it looks a bit like space invaders but hey. There is no way that I woke up today and thought, “let me go and make a space invader tile”. But I love that this exists, and whether intentional or not, I made this!

If you’d like to start playing with these crafty boxes, then you can at our Pop-Up Craft Clubs. We’re announcing a new public date very soon. Sign up to the mailing list (below) to hear all about it. But if you have your own space, a meeting room or hall, even a garden or field, we can help you set up your own Craft Club. Send us an email and we’ll arrange everything, no fuss and no mess!


It looks like a pretty random assortment of stuff but it really works. If you’d like to try this out I seriously recommend trying the kit at one of our clubs or events. If you’d like to just try this at home then there’s a link to the inks I’ve used on the right/bottom of this page. Enjoy!


I spent about half an hour on this but you could spend as long as you like. It can be quick if it needs to be or can take you into another world!