Act 2: The beginner's mind

Green painting

Green painting

I’m on a creative journey and, this year, I’ve challenged myself to 100 Acts of Creativity

It’s March now, the month I committed to start my challenge.  Having broken myself in now and feel the pressure subside a little as I reflect on act 1 with a reserved pride.  This week, I’m giving myself a stay at home holiday.  Five days just to sort myself and the house out before going all in to a busy week next week.  I’ve been trying to follow some good habits to make myself more creative.  Lots of walks and a fair bit of yoga and meditation.  Not sure it’s improved my skills, but I’ve definitely been in the mood to make.  Julie Peters has written a great piece on how creativity and yoga can work together.  Anyhow, I hear that many artists put a lot of effort into cultivating the beginner’s mind, well I have that naturally, so I feel I’m at a great advantage!

I’ve been trying to make myself a little physical space to be creative.  Nothing special, just somewhere I can have all my kit to hand.  It’s finally coming together, and I just couldn’t be in a space surrounded by all things crafty without making something arty.  Back to basics!  Paper, brush, paint.  And I made this green, um, green, err thing? 

Now, none of this is about judging what comes out, it’s about enjoying the process and the journey.  That said, I just don’t know where this came from.  I’ve not been trying to paint anything in particular, just getting some materials together and going with the flow.  I love how all consuming it was.  For a few minutes I thought of nothing else.  I love exploring the texture the brush makes and I’m quite drawn to the natural curves my arm makes when I move the brush.  I’m learning about how the paint spreads and flows and really enjoying producing something physical and tangible.  All in all, it was way more fulfilling that it might look and it’s a new and unique thing that’s now out in the world.

I hope I can start inspiring some of you to make creativity a habit.  I’d love to see how you are getting on.  Share your creations on Instagram @makespacetocreate.

If you feel inspired or need a little help getting started, our experiences are worth a try!


The paint I’ve got was about £20 which sounds quite a lot but you get LOADS of paint and the colours are great! Ready mix paint should not just be for kids!

Paint and Brush.jpg


None really


10 minutes including washing the brushes.