ACT 3: My Blue Period?

International blues

International blues

I’m on a creative journey and, this year, I’ve challenged myself to 100 Acts of Creativity

I’ve got my little make space all set up now and I have to say it does make it so easy to be creative when you have everything to hand.

I’ve had this idea of a blue arc in my head for a while so I thought it was good to give it a try.  Just blue paint and a brush on some white card.  And here’s what came out.

I really like this dark blue against the white.  A guy called Yves Klein “invented” this awesome dark but vivid blue named, with a kind of bland narcissism, International Klein Blue.  If you’re a Manics fan it might ring a bell (been a while since I’ve had a listen to this. Brilliant). As mad as it sounds to “invent” a colour I do actually really like it.  I think I’ve got it in there somewhere.  Other than finding the perfect blue, I’ve been enjoying experimenting with textures and patterns created by the brush.  I think it’s cool to combine the textured blue with the sharp edges of the square against the white.  Cutting a painted square out with a craft knife (my new favourite thing) adds another dimension.  And yeah, talking of narcissism, I framed it.  I know it’s hardly anything but I think this is starting to look a bit arty!  The beginning of my Blue Period?  Na, don’t think so.  I’m having too much fun!

I’ve had this on the wall for a day or two now and I can’t decide which way up it should go.  Of course, there is no right way, but I find it looks like different things depending on which way up it goes.  I’ll leave it up to your own interpretation!

Anyway, I love how simple and quick this is.  Just using one colour and not too many tools makes it super quick to get crafting and clear up.  I’d never really thought about it before, but you can have a crafty moment when you’re waiting for dinner to cook, in a couple of ad breaks or in a lunch hour perhaps?

I’m looking forward to bringing more moments of creativity to you all very soon!  If you’re interested, please like and share on Facebook or sign up to our mailing list.



Just poster paint and a brush.


None really.


About 10 minutes, let it dry on the clothes rack, then a couple of minutes to cut it out.