Act 11: Totally Retro Street Art

Spray Paint Tape

I’m on a creative journey and, this year, I’ve challenged myself to 100 Acts of Creativity

I’ve been playing with spray paint a little bit recently and I just love the affects you can create with no real skills but a little dose of creativity. I really wanted to get some more inspiration and take this a little further so I treated myself to a proper course! The tour and workshop run by Alternative LONDON was pretty much the only one I could find! Lucky it was great! It started with a speed tour round London’s trendy Shoreditch. There’s just too much to see in a couple of hours but I love the textures, colours and sense of play you see in street art!

After the tour I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a spray can! We spent a bit of time cutting stencils from some thick card. You can cut two or three so you can layer the colours. Then, spray can time! The first thing we did was write our tag on the wall. Controlling the can was surprisingly easy and spraying the bright colours was really satisfying! Actually incredibly addictive! I can see why people tag stuff over and over again. I could’t stop! Then to stencilling. It was great trying to get the colour right. I did a few with different coloured layers. This one was my favourite. I tried to paint an arm on but it turned into a yellow laser beam. I added another from the right eye and I think the affect is super cool. Embrace the mistakes!

I’m currently looking for places in and around Reading to host Pop-Up Craft Club and I can’t wait to create a spray paint and stencil experience for everyone. Please sign up to the mailing list and/or follow us on social media (below) to be first to hear about events. Or, contact us now to become a host!