Act 10: Kitchen Crafting


I’m on a creative journey and, this year, I’ve challenged myself to 100 Acts of Creativity

More and more of us use our kitchens for creativity. It wasn’t always this way. We can see the significance of the kitchen in our houses by looking at the space we give to them which has doubled since the 1920s! Most of this expansion took place in the 1960s but we didn’t really connect with our culinary creativity until the 1990s which saw an explosion of programmes designed to make us see the kitchen in an entirely new way. As a place to experiment and express ourselves! These days, whilst the cookery shows are still going strong, we’re being introduced to a whole new range of shows to encourage us to stretch ourselves into a new creative realm. Kirstie Allsopp has been championing the cause for a few years now, but now we have The Great British Sewing Bee and the latest addition The Celebrity Painting Challenge which starts tomorrow. Who know’s. Perhaps in years to come we’ll be hanging our round the studio table just as much as the kitchen table.

With that in mind, I was inspired to borrow from the kitchen and make something a little less perishable than usual! Salt dough seems to be all the rage. It’s all over Pintrest and with good reason! It’s super easy to make (recipe and simple instructions below). Although I’m all about getting grown ups creative, this also has the added bonus of being great for kids. Tweak the recipe and you get your own on demand supply of play dough!

I loved how tactile it was to roll out and stamp these little things. The feeling of shaping something three dimensional with your hands is pretty satisfying. It feels like moulding and squishing the dough could definitely help reduce stress and tension. I think the fact that you’re stamping or making impressions in something kind of lets you off the hook and takes the pressure off. All you need to do is scavenge enough interestingly shaped stuff from your house and you can make cool little imprints without much trouble. The feeling I get is like making a footprint in the sand or maybe making your mark on the world and saying I was here! As with all of these blogs, this was an experiment, I wasn’t aiming to make anything in particular, but I can see myself making neater stuff for around the home using salt dough in future. I’ve seen really nice examples of people adding essential oils or dried flowers to the dough as well. Definitely something to play with, refine a bit and bring to some classes in future.

If you like the idea of play and experimenting with art, please grab a ticket for our Pop-Up Craft Club where we get to know the first thing about a different craft each week!


All you need is…

  • Half a cup or flour

  • Half a cup of salt

  • A little bit less than half a cup of liquid. Either water or a mix of water and a bit of food colouring

Mix it up til it’s smooth. Add a little oil and glycerine to stop it drying out. Then you have play dough!

DONE! Then I grabbed a load of stuff from around the house to make shapes in the dough. Put it in the oven at 150c until it dries out.