We run creative experiences in Berkshire and beyond. There are three types on offer to spark your creativity in different ways!


Scrap Art Challenge

Scraptasticly spectacular fantastic fun with art. Two teams battle it out to make crafty creations from a heap of unwanted scrap art stuff and decorative debris. We’ll give you the tools and inspiration, you do the rest. This exciting event will fire your creativity and find the artist inside.

This event is a fun, fear free way to get into art, flex your creative muscle and show off in front of friends. The emphasis is on working as a team, building something bright, bold and unique and making use of the stuff we’d usually throw away.

Premiered at Magical Reading’s Living Advent Calendar Scrap Art Challenge saw four teams work together to express themselves. It was incredible to see how many different ideas people can up with.

If you already have a tailor-made team of mega makers (2-5 people) then great, make sure you put your team name on the booking and we’ll make sure you’re all together. If you’re on your own, that’s fine too! We’ll make sure we get you crafting.


Mindful Crafting

Relax and be at one with yourself and your creativity. Hosted in calm, quiet settings where you can mix meditation with self-expression.

Just you, a mat and your very own craft box. Run like a yoga class for your creative body and soul. Materials are handpicked to help you be mindful, relax and get in your creative flow.

The perfect way to get away from any stress or anxiety or start the day with a clear head and open mind. This is crafting for wellbeing.


Pop-Up Craft Club

This one is simple! Drop in to our Pop-Up Clubs where we provide you with the materials, space and inspiration to get creating. Just grab a coffee, a kits and get making!

Loads of different art and craft materials and tools available and we’ll be on hand to offer inspiration and guidance. If you have a particular creation that you’d like to make, please let us know in advance. If not, great, then come and grab what’s on offer and surprise yourself and your friends and family with what you make.