How to Play with mini

spray paint and stencils

Introducing Mini Spray Paint and Stencils box…

Street art that anyone can do! I got kind of addicted to playing with proper acrylic spray cans but they’re pretty pricey AND you can’t use them indoors. I wanted to make a version I could bring to everyone! This is the result. It kind of does what it says on the tin. I hope you love it as much as I do.

Watch the video to learn how to play!


Take your box with you!

Don’t forget you can recharge the box with more paint and paper. Go back to where you bought it to ask!

Next steps…


There are loads of spray paint videos on YouTube! Some are awful. These are great! Enjoy…

Other useful kit

Here’s some recommended kit if you’d like to carry on spraying.


If you want to try the real thing at home, make sure you get a proper can which allows you to change the cap. They come with a standard cap attached


This photo paper makes pretty decent stencils


If you want to avoid destroying your table, get one of these!


If you’d like to take the next step and learn how to spray paint like a pro please follow the links below for classes.

Alternative London - Yes I know! The only workshop I could find was one in London. It’s great though. You get a really detailed guided tour to inspire you and then a good solid workshop on spray paint and stencils. Really fun!