A Health club for your creativity

Introducing Pop-Up Craft Club…

Pop-up Craft Club gives you your very own MAKEspace in a box.

Drop in to a Pop-Up Craft Club and we’ll give you the tools and the inspiration to get you making. Each week we’ll focus on a new craft.

You’ll get your own creativity stimulating craft box to play with

Each box comes with online guides and inspiration to help you get creative at your own pace and in your own time. There will always be a keen creative on hand to help you out. Unlike other craft workshops we don’t give you strict instructions! It’s all about experimentation and play.

Drop in to a public event or you can set up your own Pop-Up Craft Club. You provide the space (a meeting room or hall, garden or field) and we’ll arrange everything, no fuss and no mess!


Why we’re different…

  • Surprise! - With us, craft is like a box of chocolates! You never know what you’re going to get. We research some of the coolest arts and craft trends so each time you drop in you’ll be inspired.

  • Flexibility - We run sessions as drop ins so you can come whenever you like and be creative at a time that suits you!

  • Help to take the next step - If you fall in love with a craft or technique, we’ll put you in touch with local creatives who can help you continue on your creative journey.

  • Good for you! - Getting creative can stimulate your awareness and improve your mental health. We can help give you a regular creativity fix.

  • Sociable (if you like) - Bring friends to make together, or just keep yourself to yourself. Either way, we have Facebook groups for each club to share your creations.

  • GREEN - We hate plastic craft kits where you end up with a load of plastic that you don’t want. We are committed to no single use plastic. We reuse before we recycle. We use paper, card and wood over plastic wherever possible! If we use plastic, we treat it well and use it over and over.

  • At your own speed - You have your own personal craft box and clear guides so you can make at your own pace.


What’s in the box…?

We’re always looking at new crafts so the list is always changing, but here are some examples:

  • Street art and stencils

  • Screen printing

  • Cut and Collage

  • Alcohol Inks

  • Fabric dying

  • Dirty pouring

  • Jewellery making

  • Paint with nature