My name is Adam and I started MAKEspace in 2019 with the aim of sparking creativity in everyone!

I’ve spent the last decade or so in London working as a Risk Analyst for various insurance companies. Despite to what you might think, it had been really creative, challenging and stimulating. I met some talented, interesting and lovely people and worked on some really cool projects. I learned how to present complex ideas, code and squeezed in colour and graphic design wherever I could.

But slowly I realised it didn’t feel right for me anymore. I needed something more hands on creative, I needed to keep learning and I wanted my work to be a true expression of myself. So I got thinking, what do I really love? I went through so many ideas and finally boiled them down to one thing.

I love learning cool stuff then and passing it on

I’ve been really inspired by crafting with my daughter. Just getting some paint and making anything, it doesn’t matter what! I just felt like I wanted to keep on making stuff after she ran off after 5 minutes.



When we’re kids we’re surrounded by fun, messy, exciting stuff to play with. It’s how we learn! Why on earth does this get taken away from us when we grow up? I looked for art and craft courses and tried to make sense of all the stuff I found in art shops but I couldn’t find courses to fit in around work and, although I love the Aladin’s cave that is Hobbycraft, it was tough to know what I really needed to get going.

That’s why I started MAKEspace.

bringing art and craft to the people

I want to provide an exciting but safe space for people to make creativity a habit, just like a weekly yoga class or the morning cup of coffee.



I’ve become really interested in creativity itself whilst doing research for MAKEspace. Although very few of us feel really creative, I believe that creativity is innate within us all, and if we’re not using it then the world is missing out! I’ve been aware of meditation and the concepts of awareness and presence as part of yoga whilst practising for about three years now. But since starting MAKEspace it’s become a much greater part of my life.

The simplest way of thinking about creativity is that it involves divergent then convergent thinking. That is, thinking of lots of possible solutions to a “problem” then deciding on the best one and implementing it. Meditation can really help enhance that state of mind. On the other hand, making or crafting something with your hands, can be an excellent way to induce a mindful, focused state. MAKEspace brings you a careful mix of mindfulness and artfulness to help you get some headspace and power your creativity!


no throwaway plastic

Last but not least, I feel really strongly that our making shouldn’t ruin the planet! I’ve seen so many craft kits packed with plastic, filled with plastic and where you end up making something plastic that you immediately want to throw away.

We never use single use plastic. All art materials are natural wood, cork, card, ceramic, flour etc. where at all possible. So everything can be used over and over but will biodegrade when we’re done!


Thanks for reading. I hope you can make it along to an event soon and start an arty adventure.

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Thanks so much!